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Taming the Websphere monster

Today I tried to tame the monster, but more session days are needed …

Shortly, websphere is a monster as:

– you hardly can change anything in command line, but have to use sophisticated interface that hides everything from you (I still don’t know how to (re)deploy an ear using command line)

– even if you know in one version of websphere the directories, in another everything is different

– after starting, you have a control panel full with links of information, but to find out the port it is using, you have to run netstat command

– the tutorials are a maze of fancy words, and the google results are rare, and usually they apply to a different version of webpshere than the one you need.

– to find out the log file, you use grep with the error message as argument

As a general conclusion:

– you that are cursing jboss, you don’t know how lucky you are!

– you that are using tomcat, that is as sweet as honey!

– they did the pump interface, to explain the extra the money …

– and so I write in rymes, and wonder if I’ll get that far!

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