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As I was over my head of years of computer work, and my friends Zina and Ionut told me that they need someone to keep the competition score in the camp, I did not hesitate. Thanks to the support of the people arround me, to which I am very grateful, I left Bucharest for a week, direction Hunedoara county.

The first two days where strange, so many people I did not know, things to do, things to see. Everybody very very tired, but determined to do the best.

Then I moved to camp, and everything changed. I started to know the nice people arround me, to get used to the generators bzz and to love the engines roar.

I do not have the words to describe it, it looked like a Hemingway novel. No place for cowards. Everybody was build from just one piece of stone. And “the lady, always a lady”.


As I think back what I liked most is the camp fire and the milky way (which i have not seen for years). And the tunisian music. And smell of grass. Everything was just perfect.

Everybody there was the “tinkerer”type – distroy the car in the day, rebuild it in the night. Everybody was enjoying every moment, and the points mattered for very few (I had to invite people to check the scores, as repairing the cars was far more interesting).

It was a team effort for everybody, noone left behind. The organisers were happy when things got tough, and the competitors also 🙂

To get to serious stuff, the food was great. I will never forget the baked trout and the chicken soup.

I can’t wait to see again the people I met. Never again I will forget about living the moment, as they do.

Thank you!

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4 comments to “tat”

  1. you caught the very essence of TAT from the first encounter

    living the moment is what it’s all about
    that’s what ‘s written in medieval french on my car somewhere

  2. Rodica,
    we, that came from so far away, to a stange country, to one unkwon and unique competition, must say THANK YOU, for everything you made for us.
    Team 05 – Portugal

  3. super

  4. you were absolutely great, I thank you! I started missing tat already …

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