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tiny little things

It hit me how big a difference between the gargantual representation of our actions in our heads, and the so tiny changes that this actions provoque to the world arround us.

Talking about efficency: taking an hour to choose an outfit, the result: just the way a person looks for maybe half a day.

A day to paint a fence. How much would it take to paint all the fences in the city? Maybe an year? And how intense do I remember the day I painted the heating pipes of my home…

Two hours just to make a select on the screen to be filled with data, when I click on somthing … How much time to create a computer interface for writing my blog?

Or 8 hours to print 80 invoices, at the supermarket. How much time to print all the papes for all the supermarkets?

How small things I do every day, from brushing my teeth, to making my cup of coffee, and how little do I change in the world arround me.

It is quite imposible, to change the world, doing all alone little tiny things. Maybe if everybody did them. Or just by doing things that in cascade generate changes everywhere. Like creating ideas or setting things in motion. How many hours did the inventor of the fridge spent? How about building the first steam engine? Or how about van Gogh, painting a field of corn?

But does it matter if of our actions actually change the world? I suppose we should think about the negative effects. But should we also thing about doing something positive? Or if we are happy in our bubble, it is not that important that all our life we do tiny little things?

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One comment to “tiny little things”

  1. but how big is the world around us actually? In theory I know, but in practice? A few friends, family, people we know and see. The rest is statistics.

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