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greece dream

I have been dreaming of a greek holiday for too long. This year, it finally happened. Everybody recomendend me an island, and Crete was the most spectacular in everybody’s mind, so Crete it was (Kriti as the locals say it).


The story started 10 years ago, one summer I went with my cousins from Salonic in Halkidiki, it was my first trip to the occident, long before we (the Romanians) started the all inclusive summer migration there. That summer i met my cousins, learned how to swim, in the Egean sea, and discovered Nirvana icecream (with pralines of course 🙂 and the occident – a different occident, to the south, not to the west.

So now, this time, my emotions where a bit stronger than for the usual holiday.

As a photo counts for a thousand words, the album is here.

Part I – arriving there

As usual, the longest part of the trip involves arriving at the Otopeni airport and waiting, and waiting, and waiting… But we took off, one day after the Spain aviatic incident – I am not the most confortable passenger in an airplane. The trip was the nicest, with great views of the see and the islands, and spectacular landing comming by the coast, above the water, until the final tuchdouwn. The car was easy to find, as promised, and then we had to cross the island – to the least touristic region, running away from the crowds, and to the nice mountain views. Soon I realised that I was not that far from home – the traffic was haotic, no signaling for left or right, and the road signs – just suggestions. One big difference though: as the map was far from perfect, and the signes very rare, the people were helping with joy. I entered a coffee shop, and asked for directions, some guy was busy with customers, so he asked for someone else in the back, to come and give me good directions. After two hours of driving in the night, on mountain roads, we arrived at the destination, and the nice hotel lady was waiting for us in the street, worried. It was a warm welcome.

Part II -Looking for a nice beach

In the morning, I could see the great view of the harbor, the olive trees, the bright red flowers. The nice lady from the hotel gave us directions for some less known beaches, that are veerry nice, so up we went (up the mountain, by car). One side, it was the beautiful landscape, and on the other, I started getting the idea that arriving to the beach is not so fast. The funny thing is that sometimes indicators exist, but you can see them after you take the turn, just to remind you that you guessed right.


The beach, incredible, with green smarald waters at start, deep blue farther away, on the coast the mountains, and the “extra special” – a spectacular island far far away – on one side, on the other, there was this strange strong wind on the beach, from the shore to the sea, and the sand, rather rough. Definetly, not for the usual tourist, and definetly, not quite the image that i had in mind. So i thought about not to expect at anything, and just enjoy the unknown. After an hour of serpentines, looking at the sea from the car, finally, I could enter the water. Which was incredible, as I remembered, sparkling, salty and friendly. This time, I had my swimming glasses, so I could see the fish on the bottom. Trying to lay in the sun, was not as I remembered – the wind blew away my skirt into the water, then another blow filled my camera with sand, and i had to debug a nasty “Lens error” and contemplate the idea that I will have only one picture from my trip to Crete. Hm, as I promised myself that on holiday I will not get angry, I said that maybe “the univers” is testing me, to see that I really deserve a nice vacation, after all. Later in the day, my skirt dried (the wind helped also), and faced with the prospect of beeing replaced by a newer model, my camera behaved, and started giving the error just from time to time, while I enjoied more taking pictures – thinking each time that this one is the last i’ll get.

Later in the day, some sight seeing – the Prevely monastery reminded me of St. Eze, near Nice -the same widing narrow road without parapets to the top of the mountain starting from the sea. The difference was that this time, I was driving, and the curch, has nice round bizantine shape.


Finding good food, was also an adventure, as there are so many touristical places – which are perfect if you just want to enjoy a frappe and souvaki with fried potatoes while having a nice view, but it is not that obvious how to get to that special place where they serve fulfilling culinary experiences. Luckly the nice hotel lady also saved the day, recomanding the best places to eat.

Part III – hiking to the nicest secluded beach

(to be continued)

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