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greece dream – continued

As a friend of mine asked me which was one of the nicest moments, I will write just one more greek story.


It was afternoon, it was very very hot, and we where at a crossroad, the asphalt had finished. We could go back on asphalt or choose one of the dirt roads to search for the nicest beach that was recommended to us, but the indications we had were very vague (like in missing). I was just going to give up, when I saw a nice couple (Nadia and Peter, as I found out later), smiling, starting to walk on the dirt road. I run for them, and asked them if they know about the nice beach, to find out that they want to go exactly there, their guide tells them that it is only an hour walk.

First, i set a little bit thinking, how happy they where, in august, in Crete, in the middle of the afternoon, that they only have to walk for an hour in the sun, on an unknow dirt road, to find a beach. That made me change my view, we took the car (the road was not so bad, compared to romanian standards) and went after them. At some point we found them – they were comming back – it was just to long to go – and we went together, as much as possible by car, and in the end, a half an hour walk through spectacular gorges, until we reached – between the high walls of the canion – a patch of sand and and the blue of sea.

It was the friendliest water i ever swem into, protected by the high clifs, 10 meters deep, but so blue, I could see the bottom – and the fishes.

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