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a nice theory about google

I was thinking these days, as for us romanians is more visible now that everything has an end, from real estate boom to microsoft power, that Google is the new microsoft, having more than 80% of the search market on the net, and I thought it is bad, even though they do not show big signes of monopolistic behaviour.

And then I had a “revelation”. That for Google , the clients are not the people searching the internet, but the companies that use internet for advertising. But companies also use television, radio, newspapers, street posts for advertising. In fact the list is infinte, each day a new method is invented. Google can not say: we rule the world, if you want to advertise, you must pay 10 euros per click, cause the companies will say: you are too expensive, a tv spot will do better.

So maybe they cannot be a monopol after all?

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One comment to “a nice theory about google”

  1. I rather think it’s seems like a monopol and I prefer a competitive market or situation (I mean in any aspect of life too). Another strong argument is that related to design. All of us know (or should know) how much googleads areas distroy design of a site. And despite of it so named ads related on context many times results in a very ridiculous, unmatching to context, ads. And I think that advertising in general is bad thought. Because they struggle to take over our senses focusing. No,.. advertising shouldn’t be like this. It should be discreet. To try sprise us grateful. I’m sure that sort of advertising exist, despite I dindn’t see it until now. I’ll search for it. And of course because in our country advertising is in the most of it an echo of the western manner.

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