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another kind of zen

Following tat this summer, i was described as beeing “zen” by a good friend of mine, who declared that had been “zen” after going on bicycle from Bucharest to the sea side in one day.

This Christmas, with great anticipation, I went to Ursici, with some of the people from tat, and new great people i have not met before, bringing aids to this hard to access village, without paved roads or electricity.

And again, afterwards, i was described as being “zen”, but just another kind of zen.

The most important thing to say is that it is a great joy to see people for which time is never too much, to give their time, energy and resources in helping others.

I was impressed by the people there, their way of living, and the beauty surrounding them, having the simple things at their reach, while us in he big city struggle all year long in the end to appreciate the same simple things. But I am just a visitor, and have not the knowledge to have a true understanding, i just put a link to a good article. about the Ursici village

And for a moment there, everything stopped and I detached from the small things and saw things in perspective. And for that moment, I let everything go, and my friends caught me. As another friend of mine was saying, the moment you stop struggling, and let go, in that moment everything you where struggling for  will just come to you.

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