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karmic koala

The longest part was to make a full backup on an external hard drive, as I wanted to test ext4  and format all my partitions.

The backup included:

– all /etc directory

– all my home directory (including hidden .* files)

The Disk Usage Analyzer (from Accesories) was extremely helpful in deleting unnecessary files before making the backup.

Install went smoothly, the todo/not to do list after that:

– skype (from

– not installed acroread (document viewer seems much faster)

– pidgin (apt get)

– thunderbird instead of evolution. it would have been a good idea to make a screenshot of my email accounts settings in evolution, before the install … Importing emails is very easy, a good tutorial here. Thunderbird is much faster, and spam filtering is amasing, even if the settings are not that obvious (the junk settings are at general preferences (Edit->Preferences) at each account options and very important, a junk setting also exists for “Local Folders”)

– firefox bookmarks import: Bookmarks->Organize bookmarks->Import and Backup->Restore->Choose file

The bookmark backups are in my old home in ~/.mozilla/firefox/d670evia.default/bookmarkbackups

– nvidia drivers. For some reason i did get the notification about the drivers when i first booted, but the option to enable them is in System->Administration->Hardware drivers.

-the sound is much better then before (on a Dell Latitude D820), but the microphone setting is initially muted.

I had to clean a bit the Startup Applications (from System menu), this part woke up old memories, from preinstalled windows systems. A bit creepy.

Overall, a very good system, I see enhanced usability and a more responsive system. Even the background choices are nicer 🙂

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3 comments to “karmic koala”

  1. Pai si merge bine firefoxu’ pa linux?……ca am auzit ca e cam mancau de resurse 😐 (si pa uindaus nu m-as mira de asta). Nu e mai bun Opera ?! .

  2. Sunt foarte multumita, merge bine, daca nu ii instalez eu cine stie ce plugin-uri prea smechere. Am nevoie de firefox, pentru javascript-uri care nu merg in Opera.

  3. :O …..te rog detaliaza ca nu e o chestiune straina intereselor mele 😀 😉 .

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