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linux mint for half a day

Very tired of the ubuntu interface problems I said to myself to change things in 2012, so i tried Linux Mint 12.

First, I tried with naivity to use the cd. The dvd gave a write error and the cd waited a thousand years to boot, without luck. So I wrote myself a bootable usb. Will never try to boot from cd again.

Then I started the install, which went quite smoothly but afterwards it did not boot. The error was nice, event though I don’t have a clue what it means “GRUB: invalid arch independent ELF Magic error fix”.  I found fast the solution: to reboot from usb and reinstall grub:

sudo mount /dev/sda6 /mnt

sudo grub-install –root-directory=/mnt/dev/sda

It gave me an warning but it worked.

Then searched the Update Manager and updated packages.

Next: I need gnome2 looks (i’m too old for gnome3 …)

the package is called mint-meta-mate

I installed it but could not find where to change the system to use it.

I tried to set my 5 workspaces, but couldn’t, to find on the internet that once you open a window you get an extra workspace. It worked, infinite number of workspaces but not 5 🙁

It was very jumpy and the gnome 3 interface was making me very nervous.

Then all went for the worse: one usb stick refused to work completly (never to recover again), the other was painfully slow. I set my favorite shortcuts but the settings worked only after a reboot. At boot I saw strange error messages, and afterwards all seemed to be out of place. I could see any time at least 4 types of fonts and font sizes on my screen, nothing was unitary. It was plain ugly. I had a nervous meltdown, started to search for alternatives on the net and decided to give next day a try to xubuntu.

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