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Its just perfect.

The install was smooth, no errors at reboot, then when I saw the clean  look I breathed with ease.

Within seconds I was able to set my 5 workspaces, and not for long I had the top bar moved to the left and all my shortcuts working. I succeeded in half a day to reinstall all my working environment (including an Oracle database …), my email accounts, and make everything work. It’s true I had  lists with all the steps (from previous ubuntu updates), but nevertheless, it was very fast. Everything is not as before, but much better than before. My mouse is working fine, my windows have scroll bars, the pdf viewer is not twice as wide as my desktop. It  comes by default with Pidgin and Banshee is not installed by default (what a relief).

It gave me joy and made me remember  my first install of Mandrake, Gentoo and then Ubuntu in the good days before the infamous unity.  It’s not a technical review but a very subjective one, but I surely had the feeling the guys from Xubuntu are on the right track.

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