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Plantar Fasciitis Exercises

They cured my plantar fasciitis two years ago, no relapse since (and I started to run again). I have them from a foot doctor that made a study on 50 patients, and cured most of the cases in 3-5 weeks.

How they work: by relaxing, increasing the length and elasticity of the calves and Achilles tendon, so that when we walk, the fascia is not forced to stretch. When the back side of the leg is tense, the fascia is stretched and gets microtears because it is “the weaker link”. The second “trick”: making the stretches immediately when waking up, before starting to walk, so that the fascia microtears circle breaks (the leg is so much tenser in the morning).

Exercise 1

Standing up, with hands on the wall. All weight on the healthy foot. Knee, pelvis, back kept straight. Heel always on the floor. While keeping the upper body straight, bend elbows, thereby the upper body slowly gets closer to the wall, until the lower leg is stretched.
In this position remain 15 seconds. Repeat for  10 times (it takes 3-5 minutes). This is the most important exercise.

Exercise 2
Near a table, with the hands on the table, the foot like in the picture. Keep knee hyperextended and get the upper body over the tabletop. Repeat 15 times.

Exercise 3
On a step, with the weight on the healthy/other foot. Heel over the step-edge slowly sink, until the lower leg is stretched. Keep this position for 15 seconds. Repeat for  10 times (it takes 3-5 minutes).



The exercises should be repeated in the morning before walking and again 2-3-4 times in the day as needed, especially after sitting for a long time.

For 3-4 weeks, it helps wearing shoes with a little bit of a heel (2-5 cm), to compensate for too short calves/Achilles.

The original description of the exercises is here, but in German. A detailed description , also in German, here.


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