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At a comfortable pace, and not too far: James O’Keefe at TED


One Ted I reviewed these days.

Two months ago I changed my training, using heart rate intervals, thanks to a Mio heart rate watch (no chest strap required!). I noticed big changes:

–  I started again losing weight, even though my cycling and running are now at a lower intensity

–   no pain or  injury after exercising (like stretched muscles, tight calves, etc.)

–  I don’t feel tired after exercising anymore, just fresh and ready for something new

–  In time I saw big progress: in the beginning I had to revert  from running to walking for 5-6 times during the workout, to keep my heart rate interval.  After patiently exercising for 5-6 times,  I am now able to  run  all through the exercise, keeping the same heart rate interval.

And a small review of Mio Alpha 2. I like the heart rate watch very much, except that sometimes I carry also a sports watch, as Mio’s watch functions are minimal. From this point of view, the cheaper Mio Fuse Activity Monitor is more onest. Mio hardware is great, but the MioGo software has one major flaw: no share capability.  I can not post my heart rate recordings on facebook, or email them to a coach or a friend. I really hope they fix this soon.





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