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star trek

As I was thinking, now that google seems to have a universal translator, easy configurable for new languages, and the computers turned to minilaptops – didn’t they have that in star trek too? And the less obvious star trek food (how many of us already eat 99% industrial food “composed” not at atomic level, but even farther from the real thing) , i was thinking the only important thing missing is teleportation. As a Bucharest citizen, I demand the scientific community to hurry up, and discover teleportation as soon as possible!

Google translates Romanian!

I have noticed a few days ago, and could not belive it at first. They silently extendend the translation engine to a huge number of languages, including Romanian!

They are soo good, it’s scary. Another reason for me to write in Romanian from time to time.

a nice theory about google

I was thinking these days, as for us romanians is more visible now that everything has an end, from real estate boom to microsoft power, that Google is the new microsoft, having more than 80% of the search market on the net, and I thought it is bad, even though they do not show big signes of monopolistic behaviour.

And then I had a “revelation”. That for Google , the clients are not the people searching the internet, but the companies that use internet for advertising. But companies also use television, radio, newspapers, street posts for advertising. In fact the list is infinte, each day a new method is invented. Google can not say: we rule the world, if you want to advertise, you must pay 10 euros per click, cause the companies will say: you are too expensive, a tv spot will do better.

So maybe they cannot be a monopol after all?