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Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick on Dell Inspiron 11z

Made curious by len’s install, I could not resist and tried the new Ubuntu Netbook edition on my 11z, in search of perfect use of my 16:9 display, with incredible 1366 horizontal pixels but only 768 vertical ones.

First, backup. Shortest backup ever: I do not have any developing tools installed, all my media files are also on my external hard drive, my email is on an imap server, so I’m truly mobile with this mini laptop. I just made a copy of the background image 🙂

Next, the install. I took the usb and started. I chose manual handling of partitions (I kept the windows install, it’s good for tests from time to time), after that the install started and a bit later was done. Excellent, smoothest install ever.

After restart though, came to face the real problem, that I also had with the previous version of Ubuntu: the wireless was not working, the error message: “device not ready firmware missing”

Plugged the cable and looked for a solution. The problem obvious, the infamous broadcom chipset:

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